How I Self-Taught Product Photography

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When I began photography, it was out of a passion for capturing moments. However, I also needed to take product photos for a business I started. I wasn’t sure how lighting, backdrops or anything worked. In fact, I was merely using Google Images to search samples of products to find my way.

But I didn’t like what I saw.

Product photography is pretty standard. Put your object on a clean white or black background, take the shot, edit and publish. It’s simple. But what if you wanted more? What if you wanted to bring life to the products rather than publish industry standard work. I wanted to blend my love for taking personal shots with products; That’s exactly what I did with a recent shoot.

A local brand, Ethnique Pride, was in need of some photography. They are and up and coming brand and are on their way of establishing themselves in the fitness world. Armed with products, we took to the streets to caputre an urban feel. I shot the photos just as I would street photography. Some up close and personal and some at a distance. I did everything nearly the same as I would if I was shooting by myself.

While I was conscious the goal was to highlight the product, I was more driven by connecting the product with the person or object. Simply put, one can not exist without the other. I never did a standalone shot with the product. It was always accompanied by other objects or a person.


In doing this, the client was extremley happy and I found myself enjoying it. I realized that product photography and street photgraphy are a great blend. Trust your style, because you never know what the outcome will be.

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