Why I Love Using Clouds in Photography.

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The use of clouds has a captivating effect on photography. Not only do they give a great backdrop, but they help highlight your foreground. Let’s talk about this shot.

I was walking across a bridge and I saw this sign. I was particularly drawn to it becasuse it shows that not everything is new and shiny. It is ok, and I actually encourage, you to go out and take pictures of things that are worn. There is no editing done to the photos on this blog so a tattered look can only be accomplished if it is truly worn.

Clouds, let’s get back to clouds. As you can see, I am shooting from beneath the sign and put the sign as far right as needed. I did this because the vast amount of clouds in the background help fill the empty space. If the sky was clear, the sign would have been more centered. You have to learn to view clouds as a tool.

With clouds, they can be a filler, the center of attention or even be used as a way to block out unwanted space. The more clouds, the better. Clouds have been especially helpful when taking photos of trees, signs, or anything else that I can get underneath and shoot upwards.

In the future I will try and share more photos with clouds so that you can see how I’ve used them to my advantage.

Until next time.


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