Why Photography Can Be Completely Random.

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Whenever I venture for street photography pictures, it is never staged. In fact, it is completely random. I have no idea what will happen or who will be in the shot. The beauty of the randomness is that I get to capture moments that may never present themselves again. Regardless of your experience level, your photography can progress significantly if you stop searching for the right time and simply shoot what you see, in a way only you see it. The image above is an example of that.

I was sitting on the ferry on my way to Seattle and I noticed this man enjoying the views. In my mind, this represented what many people do on the ferry, which is to watch and wait. In this moment, it was very windy so it was an added bonus to capture the effect on his hair. Point being is that you can get incredible shots just by taking pictures of anything or anyone. A little insight on this picture, I actually shot this through the windows of the ferry as I was inside and he was outside.

Go out, be creative and stop worrying about setting up the best shot. I guarantee that by doing this, you will naturally get better at photography. What a challenge to go to a place in which you have no control, forcing you to get out of your comfort zone to take pictures.

Until next time.


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