I Learned How To Take Photos of People in ‘The Moment’.

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When I go on my street photography adventures, I have a tendency to active look for a moment that will resemble something authentic. Because I have no control of the people or environment, it requires much patience. In fact, in some cases, I’ve waited almost a half hour in one position until something meaningful occurs. In other cases, I see it and am able to capture it nearly instantaneously. This photo represents that.

While you can have success staging the people and environment, you can often lose the life of the photos. Once you have the location set, do some sample shots based on how you want the photo to feel. Sometimes I want the image to feel much more dark, even though it is sunny out. I will drop the ISO typically one notch in this situation. When manipulating the photo, you have so much control on how you want it to turn out. I can not tell you how to shoot as we all have our own style but in my experience, I choose to take photos based on how I feel in the moment.

Think about the things that are common. This could be something such as someone drinking a coffee, taking a selfie or perhaps reading a news paper. There are so many things people do that are all too common. Capture those common moments and display it. Give yourself or your audience something that they can relate to or even be inspired by.

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