Street Photography Can Be Challenging. Here’s How I Simplify It.

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Whenever I shoot street photography, I am dedicated that time to capture authentic moments. No posing, no staging. I simply want to grab exactly what is happening. I’ve encountered many scenarios where it is important to be as discrete as possible.

Things I do:

  1. Find a comfortable place where I can observe. This is important so that you can see where the most interactions occur.
  2. Take sample photos. Once you’ve found a spot where you want to take pictures, it is good practice to take pictures to adjust any settings. The pictures do not have to include people and they can even be blurred. I usually do a few takes to check the lighting and observe the canvas.
  3. With the place and settings secured, start snapping. Some of my favorite photos come as freak accidents. Seriously! I will try to capture one thing and end up getting something even better. Don’t be afraid to take several pictures of the same thing. What matters is that you get it right, the way you want to.
  4. Can you try different angles of the same thing? I’ve practice shooting at the same location from a heightened and lower position. This is where your ‘feeling’ comes into play. If it feels right, snap it. You can always delete later.

Please do not take this as a ‘must-do’ guide. These are just some things that help me while I go out and shoot the town.

As always, thanks for reading!


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