Taking Pictures of People in Public? Here’s How I Did It.

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I use photography to capture many moments, but taking pictures of complete strangers was intimidating to say the least. I walked around downtown Seattle, looking for the right moment to happen so that I can snap a pic. However, I felt more as a people watcher than I did a photographer. I had to shake that feeling. Like many beginners, I went to the busiest, most crowded place so that I could blend in. I stood on the corner of an intersection and simply observed for a few minutes. I watched as people were in a rush, peddling for money, or simply just there hanging out. There was a monk that was selling bracelets no more than 5 feet from me and I wanted to take a picture of a sale. I raised my camera and by the time I looked through the window , he was gone. Luckily, this woman walked directly in front of the lens so I was able to grab this picture. I will say that if you are just beginning to take pictures, especially in street photography capacity, to consider being extremely patient. Don’t search for the moment, let the moment come to you.

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